Ashoosons is a four decades old name, in the Dental Industry, which started as a small step has expanded into a large family today. We are recognized as a premier dental company of India and are among the few acrylic teeth manufacturer companies of the country. We are proud to be the first Indian Company who made Typodont Teeth and Phantom. Head in India, opening up a whole new world of opportunity to various Dental teaching institutions where we offer international quality study models at affordable prices.

“We are the country’s sole importer and supplier of Ashoosons brand Rust-free, Stainless steel dental instruments, known for their superb quality & rigidity. We have a strong network of over 300 dealers all over the country, and a flourishing export business with countries in South Asian Region, Middle East, Africa, Central South America & Europe. We are an organization committed to serving the Dental Industry and the community at large by offering exceptional quality and affordable range of products - be they Acrylic teeth (New Dent, Cavi Tax, Rolex), Study Models (Phantom Head and Typodont Jaw Set & Teeth Etc., Dental instruments (Ashoosons), Waxes and Liquids etc. We exhibited in IDS-2007, IDS-2009, IDS-2011, IDS-2013, IDS-2015 Germany. Our specialization is to develop products used in dentistry as per sample or customize the same as per customer requirement. Muskurate Raho – Keep smiling”


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